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15 rules for the prevention of dust mites and how they can be dangerous

Up to 150 species of dust mites can live in just 1 gram of dust. These microscopic ubiquitous companions of dusty rooms can bring a lot of trouble and hassle to your home. Why are dust mites dangerous? For humans, the small size of the pest does not prevent it from causing significant harm. Ticks do not drink blood, and do not bite at all, but their waste products, eggs and corpses of a dried parasite are dangerous to humans.
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Garden furniture

Garden architecture

Garden architecture The design of the gardens involves a preliminary analysis of some very important details, namely: - extension of the cultivable area - exposure - type of sunshine - climatic conditions - types of soil - coexistence between plants - presence of limiting agents The set-up of a garden is also conditioned by the personal aesthetic tastes and by the choice of the different types of plants, which, depending on one's needs, can be: - trees - shrubby or bushy plants - herbaceous plants - flowering plants - succulents - climbing plants - evergreen plants - aquatic plants - plants of the Mediterranean maquis In each garden it would be advisable to set up various areas: a part intended for decorative purposes and characterized by flower beds, borders or flowering vases; a shady part to promote rest and contemplation; a part possibly destined for aromatic plants; if there is a body of water it may be pleasant to house aquatic plants; and finally an area set up with a gazebo covered with climbing plants and equipped with benches or swings.
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