Rust on hydrangeas

Rust on hydrangeas

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Question: How do you treat hydrangea rust?

Hi, I really like hydrangeas and in my garden there are several: some in pots, some in earth.
They have always been beautiful, but this year after an initial recovery, they began to lose the leaves, which first fill with rust-like stains and then fall off.
They are also very clear and even the flowers are suffering. Help me save my hydrangeas, even though this year I think the flowering will suffer.
Thank you so much

Rust on hydrangeas: Answer: rust

Dear Mila,
rust is a plant pathology caused by a fungus, in fact the appearance is just like the rust that develops due to the oxidation of iron, as this fungus also produces orange-colored spots, with a powdery appearance. It develops in particular during the warm seasons, on plants particularly stressed by heat and drought. The first thing to do is to remove the affected leaves, which must be burned, so as to destroy the spores of the mushrooms, which otherwise would remain free to move at will; done this, try treating your plants with a fungicide, in the evening hours and possibly hitting the leaves and not the flowers. After the treatment, remember that your plants have suffered damage caused by a disease that develops particularly in a dry climate; therefore you can avoid subsequent attacks by rust, maintaining regular watering, and avoiding exposing your hydrangeas to strong direct insolation. In essence, it is generally sufficient to keep them in a partially shady place and water them day and day, wetting the soil thoroughly.


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