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The aza is the fruit, or berry, of a large palm tree found in the Amazonian Brazil, the Euterpe oleracea; this large tropical palm tree produces twice a year huge infructescences, containing numerous blue-violet berries, which remind us of olives or big blueberries, or of grapes.
The pulp is thin and aromatic, and the fruit contains two very large seeds.
In the Amazon this fruit has been consumed for millennia, and the palms are cultivated, to obtain the fruits but also to obtain a heart of food palm.
In Europe the aaza has been introduced recently, and is available in powder, as a supplement, or even as frozen pulp or juice.
It is a fruit with a characteristic taste, very aromatic and sweet, even if the appearance of pureed pulp is not the most inviting, in fact this berry once blended assumes a purplish brown color, vaguely reminiscent of a black bean past.

The merits of the aaza

There are numerous preparations based on aзaм, and there are also those who describe it as a fruit with miraculous powers: it should increase sexual desire, decrease body weight and absorb fat, heal from a long series of chronic diseases.
In reality, no scientific studies have been produced that confirm or deny these prodigious powers; in any case the aaza, besides being a very good and tasty fruit, contains high amounts of vitamin A, B and C and a good quantity of anthocyanins, also contained in blueberries and pomegranate.
The great availability of this fruit on the international market makes it very suitable as a natural supplement in cases of vitamin and anthocyanin deficiency.
Especially the aaza is one of the few eco-friendly crops in the Amazon forest, palms develop rapidly, and are a high source of income for local farmers.


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