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Olive tree in the garden

Olive tree in the garden

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Question: Olive tree in the garden

They asked me to choose a tree as a gift for my new garden, located in Legnano, in the province of Milan, so not exactly in a "Mediterranean" context ... As you know, winters here can be quite harsh (for example the last it was terrible for many plants) ...
In short, I would like to know if it is worth thinking about trying with an olive tree (my favorite plant), having some chances of success, and if there are special precautions to be taken, especially in winter.
Alternatively, I would also like to know which are the most typical and advisable plants in my area and more suited to the climate in which I find myself, as long as they have the following characteristics:
- that keep the leaves in winter
- that do not grow excessively
Thanks for your attention and good work!

Answer: Olive in the garden

Dear Reader,
the olive tree quietly resists cold winters like those in the north. The varieties that are best suited to the climate of Legnano are: leccino and cipressino.
Very important is the absence of water stagnation, in fact the olive tree suffers a lot from too much humidity.


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