Hypericum mother tincture

Hypericum mother tincture

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Hypericum mother tincture

Its flowers are intense yellow, almost golden, and have five petals. St. John's wort is originally from Great Britain but it soon spread on the continent and throughout the world, also because it is a plant that needs very little care to live, being satisfied with a sunny and dry place. It does not fear the cold and also adapts to the harsh climate of the North, as long as there are isolated fields, far from the city, where it can proliferate undisturbed. Known since ancient times for its remarkable beneficial properties, hypericum is still today one of the most used herbs in phytotherapy, the science that uses plants, herbs and flowers to treat more or less serious pathologies of the human organism. It is a type of alternative medicine that finds its justification not only in the popular tradition - before the advent of official medicine, in fact, one cared precisely for herbs and plants - but also in science, which has scientifically tested and proven the actual healing properties of some plants. Among them, one of the most appreciated is precisely St. John's wort, which is sold in herbalist's shops above all in the form of capsules, tablets, drops and mother tincture. The curative part of this plant is constituted by the top in bloom, which is rich in an active healing ingredient called hypericin. The mother tincture is the most used hypericum remedy because it contains all the active ingredients of the plant in the same concentration that they have before refining; in addition to hypericin, this hypericum contains flavonoids, essential oils and caffeic acid. It is an extraordinary plant because it plays a decisive role in the treatment of all mood disorders of nervous origin such as anxiety and depression, which involve a series of symptoms that can make life really difficult for those who suffer from it.

The mother tincture of St. John's wort manages to contain agitation, anxiety and all the disorders that derive from these pathologies (tachycardia, air hunger, concentration difficulties, etc.); It is also an excellent healing and anti-inflammatory, although these effects are secondary to the important calming action performed. It has a rather strong effect, and it is therefore not recommended to take pharmaceutical antidepressants or anxiolytics, and therefore a chemical base, at the same time, since their effect could be enhanced or altered. Not only: hypericum should not be taken during the summer, since it has a photosensitizing effect, neither during pregnancy; use should be avoided even when taking contraceptives, for the same reasons mentioned above.


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