Artificial floral compositions

Artificial floral compositions

The flowers and plants of any type they are, of any shape, length or color, are created in compositions of fresh cut, dried, crocheted, of silk of paper or other synthetic material, they bear in themselves the kindness of the soul and give a touch of elegance, of creativity, of loving affection and vivacity to your home and those around you.

For those who want to try their hand at this activity which could also become a relaxing hobby, it is advisable to follow basic guidelines. Every artistic activity is based on some principles and as such also the floral composition respects some guidelines that are the product of experience and creativity. The neophyte of the composition needs to know these concepts in order to start his projects and appreciate his efforts. These are not essential rules but certainly basic concepts useful in the design phase of their composition, which can be developed by the personal interpretation of each one. The floral design rules that we will illustrate share any type of floral composition, whether it is composed of permanent or fragrant and fresh flowers. The attractive-looking creation knows the principles of balance, proportion, scale, rhythm, contrast, focal point, harmony, and if all these qualities are interpreted with personal imagination, you will have won the wonder of public.FURNISHING

The floral decoration could be for the environment what the accessory represents for the female class. Surely he must coordinate with the entire interior décor and harmonize with the style he finds there, sometimes traditional rather than modern, neoclassical or ethnic. The composition of artificial flowers is better included for example in public establishments, where the use of fresh floral accessories is uncomfortable, or where a scenographic element of great impact is required. Think, for example, of a store or a waiting room or a hotel lobby. These permanent compositions represent the evocative element of the space in which they are inserted, reviving the overall tone of the furnishings and drawing attention to details. They have the particular task of creating points of interest in the room with wonderful majestic proportions for dining tables or private low tables. Because they do not require special care, they can also embellish some poorly lit domestic corners. Here is the fundamental thing: to begin to understand where we are going to place the composition in our home. The hall or the entrance to the hall is particularly suitable as a place of welcome and a sign of welcome to the guest. Another place indicated for a composition of artificial flowers is the center table in the kitchen where the composition could enrich the objects or be inserted in a vase as an ornament. A surprising corner could also be the bedroom, perhaps above a romantic bench or illuminated by a floor lamp. Do not be afraid if the color achievements seem unlikely in nature, we are in the field of fantasy and the rules are dictated by our inspiration. The really important thing is that every flower arrangement comes from harmony with ourselves and with our environment.


A sweet proposal for a romantic space is to create a support beam with long dry branches tied together by a ribbon of creamy tones. Pin some gardenias in pastel-colored silk on the tape's circumference and place the bouquet inside a transparent vase to be placed on the ground. The slender effect of the composition would be ideal if illuminated by a floor lamp that projects it upwards. The alternative could be a bundle of natural-looking artificial flowers in a random bunch. In this case the tape should resume bright tones and have long free queues. Placing the back of the composition in a flat manner, we could arrange our creation horizontally on an old chest of drawers or a bedside table for an elegant effect. You can also create waterfall compositions by choosing small-sized flowers with a soft stem that lend themselves to descending from the top of a shelf in the bathroom or from a study bookcase. Garlands created by mixing warm-colored artificial flowers with dried flowers in memory of autumn are also a typically mountain idea; the decoration is perfect for the hood of a fireplace. These are just some hints but you can free all your floral fantasies because every botanical species is found on the market: gerberas, hydrangeas, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, lilies of the valley, violets, daisies up to small buttercups not to mention fruits and plants. Quality and details that often only the sense of smell can distinguish.