Apartment plants

Orchid composition

The orchid

If real flowers of orchids are used, they should be placed in a place sheltered from direct sunlight and possible traumas, because leaves and petals are extremely fragile. The plant is native to Asia and is available in several variants. The white petals have the characteristic of being completely free of pigmentation and because of this they can easily get stained, so they must be inserted in a single composition. The other species can instead be found in all shades of pink and cyclamen, elegantly mottled or solid. As for the symbology and language of flowers, we can say that the orchid is an emblem of lust and passion, but also of the afterlife. The white orchid, on the other hand, is the symbol of purity, tender beauty and uncontaminated love. For this reason, the white orchid is often used for wedding decorations. The compositions that include orchids are elegant and refined, and can be made with both fresh and artificial flowers. In the first case you will have to be careful to change the water daily, while in the second there are no particular problems: some fake flowers, for their perfect execution, are able to equal in everything for all the real ones, and have the advantage of be eternal in time. Below we will see how to make beautiful compositions, so that with little effort you can be able to give the environment a fresh and new air, giving the various rooms that extra touch that will make the difference.

Orchid compositions in an antique vase

This flower lends itself very well to being placed in rooms furnished with antique furniture. The ideal container in this case is made up of tin elements, such as old watering cans, antique cookie boxes or antique terracotta or marble vases. In this last case, you will have to choose the antique vase in a color and in a form that allows the chosen color of the orchids to stand out. For a harmonious effect, it is good to choose the adjacent colors found on the color wheel, such as a purple vase for pink flowers and a blue vase for white orchids.
Select a dish whose size is equal to or slightly less than the orchid plant to create a balanced effect that emphasizes the flowers. Arrange the flowers so that the shape of the vase, stems and flowers creates a coherent whole, without unnecessary protrusions or sudden changes in size or shape. The flowers that will be inserted will be of latex, so that they last over time. At the bottom of the vase the latex foam will be placed and then the various flowers will be inserted, paying attention to the proportions and not exceeding the number, to avoid an overload effect. The last operation is to tie the stems with a soft satin ribbon to add a touch of extra light, to be chosen in pastel tones.

Compositions of several varieties of orchid

For these compositions, you will need three cyclamen orchids, six pink and nine white, plus long strands of grass. The ideal container is made of glass, to bring out the chromatic variety and the elongated shape, which is well suited to the flower stem. After the floral foam has been placed on the bottom of the vase, the three cyclamen orchids will be inserted in the center, so as to constitute the compositional focal point. Subsequently, around them, the pink ones and finally the white ones will be available, which must therefore result in the outer part of the composition. The empty spaces must then be filled with long strands of bright green grass, for an extremely natural end result. Since the vase is transparent, the latex foam will be hidden by sliding small colored balls or pebbles into it. The orchids so arranged will look good in a living room, as a centerpiece or placed on a low table, to create a pleasant and decorative corner.

A composition for the centerpiece

To make a nice centerpiece, you will have to take a basket with rather high sides and a thick texture, to create a nice contrast with the delicacy of the orchids. The latex foam will be placed in the bottom, fixing it with a little hot glue. In the center of this one will place white orchids, better if in odd numbers. Adjacent to them will be put other complementary flowers with a long stem, like colorful tulips or violet wisteria. To give character, we will add strands of grass or thin bamboo canes. The basket will look great if surrounded by a lace or satin ribbon that ends with a soft bow. This type of composition is best suited both in a modern and traditional environment, giving a truly special and unique allure.

Orchid composition: Maintenance

The maintenance of these compositions is really simple, because they are all made with artificial flowers. Simply dust them gently with a clean cloth as needed, keeping in mind that detergents should not be used. Also the use of the hair dryer to remove the dust is not recommended, because this type of flower has very small petals and leaves, which could come off in contact with the air jet, even if of low intensity.