Canna indica

Canna indica

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The cane is a large rhizomatous herbaceous plant, native to South America; it is placed in the garden, or in large pots, since it produces a good root system, and gives a large shrub.
It prefers partially shady positions, the ideal place to place the rhizome allowing the plant to be in the sun and the base of the stem and the rhizome in the shade, so as to have a ground that is always fresh and quite humid.
They can withstand short periods of drought, but flowering is better when watering is regular, always avoiding leaving the soil constantly wet.
From April to September, every 12-15 days, we supply a fertilizer for flowering plants, or we spread, in early spring, a slow-release granular fertilizer at the foot of the stem.
The stem develops for about 100-150 cm in height, and widens for about 35-45 cm in diameter with its large leaves, so it is good to evaluate the space we have available, before placing the rhizomes.


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