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Outdoor furniture

Any type of house, however elegant and refined it may be, can obtain even more charm from an external context, which is fundamental for embellishing the entire image of the house. If you want to have a dream home, you must necessarily take care of every detail from the smallest to the largest. It is good to define which furnishing is needed, so as to have clear ideas immediately. Obviously everything is made based on the size of the space. If the space is particularly small but you still want to embellish it with furniture, you only need to remember not to choose accessories that are too bulky but smaller in order to create a sober environment. One suggestion is to opt for furniture of a single color, even better if the tones recall the color of the floor, while multicolored accessories that make the environment too heavy should be abolished. Recently, furniture with squared shapes is very popular, very practical to fit in any environment. If instead you have a space with large dimensions, then you can think of sofas with padded cushions, preferably neutral in color or with wooden furniture and tables so as to make the place refined and chic. Whatever type of furniture you want to adopt, you must remember that it must satisfy the desires of all the family members. For example, if you have children, it would be great to buy games for their fun, or if you are a water lover you can buy a nice pool with deckchairs. In short, furnishing an external environment such as the interior is a duty that no one can escape. There are numerous amenities, as we will see, that can also be inserted outside a home to allow you to live well even in the open air.


Small or large than the outdoor space, it is still possible to find a corner to insert a kitchenette. On the market there are excellent solutions for all needs and all budgets. An outdoor kitchen is a very useful element if you don't want to do it inside or outside between the inside and the outside. There are granulated marble kitchens, equipped with large worktops and finished with a glossy finish. They are made up of wooden doors and can be assembled by joining different modules such as the sink module with tap, gas stove, or barbecue, or island. Another beautiful kitchen is the one in granulated antique marble, formed by large work spaces. This also has wooden doors with the possibility of a stove with a plate. There are luxury kitchens like those in stainless steel, with wheels and various accessories like the sink with extendable faucet and a waste compartment. A very recent model is the modular one made of concrete, made up of different modules such as barbecues, removable fireplaces and stainless steel taps.


To give more elegance to a home, you can insert flower pots. There are different types that can be adapted to any style and decor. The vases are an excellent piece of furniture, especially if you love plants. There are modern vases, ethnic vases, classics and also the materials with which they are made are wood, ceramic, terracotta and PVC. The most used material for making outdoor vases is terracotta. The terracotta is extremely porous to allow it to absorb excess water and become aware of the health of the plants. Particularly popular are the outdoor wooden vases, excellent for embellishing balconies, gardens or terraces. The particularity of wood is that it is an eco-sustainable material so it can be biologically disposed of without damaging the ecosystem. In addition to being elegant and valuable, wood also needs careful maintenance. Even the ceramic is used to create outdoor vases because it is very resistant and elegant. Ideal for any type of temperature, it does not damage the environment but rather defends it. A recently discovered material is PVC. The PVC vases are used because they are particularly insulating and able to maintain constant the temperature of the ground where the plant is cultivated. They do not require special care, just help yourself with a damp cloth.

Outdoor furniture: OUTDOOR FOUNTAINS

A refined decor can also be external fountains. These decorative elements allow not only to embellish the space but try to be functional by fulfilling different functions for each type. The fountains are ingenious tools that were once seen only in the gardens of nobles, but today they are present in the gardens of the vast majority of people. The fountains can be made of stones, bronze or granite and are able to transform the garden into an aristocratic space. There are different types on the market, even those that look like wells are going out of style. The first thing to do is to understand where the fountain is located. If the function of this will only be embellishment, then any point in the garden is sufficient. If instead the desire is to exploit it, perhaps to wash gardening tools or to clean cookware, then it is good to take a large one to place near the gazebo so as to move with comfort when organizing a dinner or it is useful to insert bronze fountains from the wall or opt for the gushing ones.