Excellent salad variety of tomatoes "Premier": description, characteristics, cultivation features

When choosing a variety of tomatoes that you will grow in your summer cottage, pay attention to Premier tomatoes. This late-ripening variety has an excellent sweetish taste and pleases with a good yield.

Premier tomatoes are usually consumed exclusively fresh, they are not suitable for long-term storage, but despite this, the variety has many fans.

Tomato Premier: variety description

Variety namePremier
general descriptionLate maturing, indeterminate hybrid for cultivation in greenhouses and open field.
Ripening period115-120 days
The formRounded fruits
ColorThe color of ripe fruits is deep red
Average weight of tomatoes200 grams
ApplicationSuitable both for fresh consumption and for all types of tomato processing: pickling, pickling, making juices, sauces, salads
Variety yield6-9 kg from 1 sq.m
Growing featuresPer sq. it is recommended to place no more than 4 plants per meter of plot
Disease resistanceHas an average resistance to the most common diseases

Tomato variety Premier is a hybrid, but F1 does not have the same name hybrids. These tomatoes were developed in the Russian Federation in 2009. It is characterized by indeterminate bushes, which are not standard. They are covered with dense green sheets. The height of the bushes ranges from one hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty centimeters. Read all about determinant, semi-determinant and super-determinant varieties here.

This late-ripening tomato variety can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses or greenhouses. It exhibits moderate disease resistance. From the moment of planting the seeds to the ripening of the fruits, it usually takes from one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty days.

Tomatoes of this variety have simple and intermediate inflorescences. The first inflorescence forms above the eighth or ninth leaf, and the subsequent ones - after one or two leaves. The brush usually has four to six fruits. Premier tomatoes produce rounded, medium-silvery fruits that are of medium density.

General characteristics of fruits:

  • For unripe fruits, a green color is characteristic, and after ripening it turns red.
  • The average fruit weight is two hundred grams.
  • They are characterized by the presence of six or more nests and an average level of dry matter content.
  • The fruits are distinguished by a wonderful sweetish taste.
  • They are not suitable for long-term storage.

Premier tomatoes are intended for fresh consumption and for preparing salads.

You can compare the weight of Premiere tomatoes with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Premierup to 200 grams
Diva120 grams
Yamal110-115 grams
The Golden Fleece85-100 grams
Golden heart100-200 grams
Stolypin90-120 grams
Crimson ringing150 grams
Caspar80-120 grams
Explosion120-260 grams
Verlioka80-100 grams
Fatima300-400 grams


The main advantages of Premier tomatoes are:

  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • good productivity;
  • unpretentiousness to growing conditions;
  • disease resistance.

The only drawback of these tomatoes can be conditionally considered that they are not suitable for preservation. The Premier variety has a good yield. From one square meter of planting, usually six to nine kilograms of fruits are harvested.

You can compare this indicator with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Premier6-9 kg per square meter
Grandma's giftup to 6 kg per square meter
American ribbed5.5 kg per bush
De Barao Giant20-22 kg per bush
Market King10-12 kg per square meter
Kostromaup to 5 kg per bush
The president7-9 kg per square meter
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
Dubrava2 kg per bush
Batianya6 kg per bush

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Growing recommendations

These tomatoes can be grown in all regions of the Russian Federation. Use the standard seedling method for this. Seeds are sown for seedlings in special pots or mini-greenhouses. Growth stimulants can be used.

Planting of Premier tomatoes is carried out both in open ground and under film shelters. There should be no more than three to four plants per square meter. Read here how to properly prepare the soil for planting.

Do not forget about such agrotechnical techniques as watering, mulching and fertilizing plantings.

For plant nutrition use:

  1. Organic fertilizers.
  2. Iodine.
  3. Yeast.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Ammonia.
  6. Boric acid.

Diseases and pests

Premier tomatoes show moderate resistance to the most common diseases, but if you still have to deal with them, treatment with fungicides will help save your plants. Read about other methods of combating tomato diseases in greenhouses here. And insecticides will save them from the attack of pests.

During its short existence, the Premier tomato variety has already gained many admirers among vegetable growers.

And in conclusion of the article, we would like to share with you useful information on the topic: how to get an excellent harvest of tomatoes in the open field, how to grow many delicious tomatoes in greenhouses all year round, and what secrets of growing early varieties exist among experienced gardeners.

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