Large, orange, what could be better? Description of the variety of tomato "Orange miracle"

Tomatoes are versatile vegetables that can be eaten raw or cooked. At least a few bushes can be found on each site. The choice of tomato varieties is simply huge, and not only the red ones to which consumers are accustomed, but also pink, yellow, brown and even orange. They all differ in shape, taste, size and ripening time.

According to the useful qualities, orange varieties can be distinguished, they contain much more of such a substance as - carotene, which is very useful for the immune system and human metabolism. One of these orange varieties is the Orange Miracle.

Tomato "Orange Miracle": variety description

Variety nameOrange miracle
general descriptionEarly maturing determinant variety
Ripening periodup to 100 days
The formSlightly pear-shaped
Average weight of tomatoes150 grams
Variety yieldhigh
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to most diseases

"Orange miracle" is a variety of tomatoes belonging to the group of Siberian breeding tomatoes.

These tomatoes can germinate and bear fruit both in the greenhouse and in the open field, in the first case, the fruits will appear earlier and the bushes will be stronger. The orange miracle stood on a par with such a representative of orange tomatoes as Persimmon, and is occupying more and more high positions.

These tomatoes are isolated as early ripe, up to 100 days... The counting should start from the moment the seeds germinate in the seedlings and until the fruits are fully ripe. Plant of determinant type.

Fetal characteristics:

  • Tomatoes are oval, slightly pear-shaped.
  • Large, with good care and plenty of light can reach a weight of 150 grams alone.
  • There are usually up to 5 fruits in one bush on a bush, which means that the miracle has a high yield.
  • The fruits are fleshy, dense, the skin is not tough.
  • The taste is just excellent, sweetish tomatoes are good for salads.
  • The color is bright orange.

Such tomatoes, due to the fact that they are quite dense, are well stored and amenable to transportation.

The weight of the fruits of this variety can be compared with others:

Variety nameFruit weight
Orange miracle150 grams
Crystal30-140 grams
Pink flamingo150-450 grams
Baron150-200 grams
Tsar Peter130 gram
Tanya150-170 grams
Alpatieva 905A60 grams
Lyalafa130-160 grams
Demidov80-120 grams
Dimensionlessup to 1000 grams

A photo

Below you will see several photos of the Orange Miracle tomato:

Diseases and pests

Of the pests, Colorado beetles love to attack tomato bushes, especially while the plant is young. They can cause colossal harm, which means that they must be destroyed immediately.

It is worth remembering that pests cannot be poisoned at the time of flowering and ripening of fruits. The variety is quite resistant to infectious diseases and such misfortunes as late blight, which means that disinfecting measures can be carried out for prophylactic purposes.

Like all fruit plants, the Orange Miracle tomato needs good care, which means stable watering, necessary fertilizing and sufficient heat and light.

If you follow a few simple rules for growing, then the plant will thank the owner with useful fruits that delight not only in taste, but also in appearance.

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