Neighborhood crops in a greenhouse: what can you plant with tomatoes?

Our beloved 6 acres - how to place on them everything that you so want to grow on your land? Saving every piece of land, our gardeners and gardeners work tirelessly.

Two full-fledged greenhouses on such a site cannot fit. How to choose, under what culture to allocate greenhouse land? Probably, everyone would answer in unison: for tomatoes!

That's right, in our temperate climate, they ripen on bushes only in a greenhouse. But you can add neighbors to them... What is planted in a greenhouse with tomatoes?

Who is the tomato good with?

A vegetable is like a person. In good company and he feels good. But how to determine what is suitable for a tomato in a closed limited area. What can be planted and grown in a greenhouse with tomatoes?

He - pretty moody culture and not easy to clean. In the greenhouse, he will always be the owner... Therefore, cultures for the neighborhood with him should be selected similar in terms of growing conditions.


Consider two of the most popular greenhouse crops - tomatoes and cucumbers. They don't belong in one greenhouse, only as a last resort and under certain conditions. The difference is in the conditions they need:

watering only at the rootYesnecessarilymoderate
watering and sprinklingnotnot required, except organicthermophilic

If possible, it is better to take cucumbers into open ground on a manured bed under a film, they will perfectly take root there and give a crop. Tomatoes are best left in the greenhouse..


Another greenhouse crop, especially in Siberia and the northern regions, is sweet pepper. They are with tomato belong to the same species - nightshade. Greenhouse compatible, since the conditions of their cultivation are similar.

But there is one in their living together the problem is the microclimate in the greenhouse... Tomatoes love warm but dry air, which means that the temperature for them should be high, but at the same time with good air movement. And pepper, on the contrary, loves warmth and moisture to match the cucumbers.

Some gardeners still grow peppers in the same garden with tomatoes.

At the same time, a "chess" scheme is practiced, which provides sufficient access to light for both cultures.

Peppers benefit from the presence of tomatoes in the neighborhood... The substances contained in them repel aphids, which are very fond of peppers.

Cabbage and salads

They get along well with early varieties of white cabbage, Peking cabbage, which in general used for compacting tomatoesplanting it at their feet. Perfectly tomato will get along with leafy salads.

Radish, onion and garlic

This neighborhood will benefit all cultures.... Onions with tomatoes are planted only those that are grown for greens. With such a neighborhood you need to provide enough light radishes, onions and garlic.

Garlic - a tomato's helper in the fight against late blight... Its curling arrows need to be collected and made from them an infusion for spraying tomatoes for preventive purposes.


Strawberries (strawberries) coexist well with tomatoes in the same room (greenhouse). Both crops do not like high humidity, they requires constant ventilation in order to avoid infection with fungal diseases. Besides, the draft contributes to the pollination of both crops.

Strawberry bushes alternate with planting tomatoes according to the scheme 60 x 45 cm... Wherein strawberry feeding area should be at least 30 x 15 cm on the bush.

Best Crops to Grow with Tomatoes

From what is best to plant in a greenhouse along with tomatoes (tomatoes), you can make a small list:

  • legumes (beans, beans);
  • watermelons;
  • radish;
  • Melissa;
  • celery;
  • parsley;
  • basil.

Melissa and Basil Improve Tomato Flavor... The main thing is to observe the light regime for the neighbors. For this, tomato bushes must be tied up.

Incompatible cultures

  • dill;
  • kohlrabi;
  • fennel.

Vegetables correctly selected for joint cultivation will not only not harm each other, but also will help to increase yields up to 20-25%.

Each vegetable has its own "apartment"

For those who are still trying to grow poorly compatible vegetables in the same greenhouse, there is a way out. it organization of space... What can you plant tomatoes with in a greenhouse? The most "greenhouse" plants are tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. Their compatibility is poor, so they should be separate from each other.

If the greenhouse has two entrances from opposite sides, it is easier to place cultures in it. With sufficient width, three beds are made. Tomatoes are planted on the middle - this part of the greenhouse is best ventilated. Peppers are placed on the north side, cucumbers or eggplants on the south side. Although it is better to exclude cucumbers.

If the greenhouse has one door, and on the opposite side there is only a window, crops can be arranged in the following order: tomatoes are planted near the doors, they must be separated from the rest of the area either with a film, or with slate or plywood. The best material is film.

Next, cucumbers are planted, followed by eggplants - both vegetables are very thermophilic and in the middle they will be fine. And last but not least, peppers are planted by the window, they prefer a cooler atmosphere.

Placing not very compatible crops in the same greenhouse you need to be prepared for a slight decrease in yield each of the cultures.

Today, greenhouse manufacturers offer various designs, in particular, indoor ones. With the help of partitions-modules, you can create separate rooms with the desired microclimate in them, which will allow you to combine the "incompatible" in one greenhouse and not think about what to plant tomatoes with.

For more information on what you can plant tomatoes in a greenhouse with and how to equip a greenhouse in order to make the most of the space, and grow incompatible vegetables in it, you can watch the video:

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