Rodents: How to deal with a shrew in the garden and summer cottage?

Little animal shrew, large farmland does more good than harm.

But personal lands suffer a lot. On land plots, it leaves many branched passages under the ground, thereby damaging the roots and roots of plants.

Therefore, gardeners and gardeners are often puzzled by the question of how to effectively deal with the pest in order to save the crop.

Why fight?

Sorry shrew eats not only harmful insects like caterpillars, beetles and others. She digs in the ground with her oblong nose, gnaws carrots, beets, etc. from which the plants begin to wither. Breaking through the passages spoils the roots of peppers, strawberries, tomatoesdo not give up the seeds of cultivated plants. It spoils the beautiful view of the lawn and flower beds. Their sense of smell and touch is very well developed, one more ability is echolocation.

IMPORTANT! Pests do not live long - only 1.5-2 years, but female droppings reach up to 14 pcs. on a scale of about 40 pieces per hectare.

How to fight?

Exist "Old-fashioned" ways of fightingS, for example, scatter rotten pieces of herring on the ground. It is believed that a strong unpleasant smell will help get rid of them. And from the owners the same ... If, of course, this aroma does not bother you, then try to leave the herring for a few days.

One of the popular, cheap ways to get rid of shrews at their summer cottage is shown in this video:

The effect has deep digging of soil about 70 cm. shovel... But if the site is not large, then of course you can work hard. Try stuffing eggshells into the hole or feed a neighbor's cat, preferably a tricolor, which is better than usual to hunt mice, rats.

It is believed to be a pest dislikes legumes, spurge and common marigolds... Plant them along the edges of the garden so that the animals do not enter, besides, the flowers will delight you with their variegated outfits.

Some were helped by the shrews, to throw in the burning coals, or to dig a three-liter empty jar like a trap at the same level with the plot near the hole. How to deal with a shrew in the garden and get rid of it? There are several effective ways.

How to find a nest?

Shrew photo:

Most of these rodents live in humid places. Shrews live one at a time.

Dig holes on their own and occupy empty housing others (moles, mice).

Check in in the hollows of stumps and in fallen tree trunks, under dead wood, rarely - in human buildings.

The nest is insulated with dry leaves or blades of grass. Each of them has its feeding area, measuring several tens of square meters.

Chemical methods

It is not very humane to use poison and you need to resort to it last, but there is effectiveness from the use. Purchase poison for mice or poisonous food such as "Rat Death", "Nutcracker", "Anti-Rodent Hunter". It must be poured into each hole or spread out near the entrance to the dwelling.

IMPORTANT! Pay attention to the presence of children, pets before using the poison, it is dangerous!

Poisonous gases or gas bombs, but if the tunnel is branched, then the small pest will simply run away. Therefore, you need to use it immediately, as soon as the shrew chooses the site. The same principle applies to the filling of holes with water.

Pour diesel or gasoline into the mink... Some gardeners use smoke bombs. They try to use sharp-smelling reagents like "Creatol", "Ekar", "Pomethanol", etc. In general, everything that has a strong smell, but it is not recommended to use near plantings of plants, trees, fruit bushes.

IMPORTANT! The use of gasoline and diesel fuel can cause a fire.


You can get rid of shrews in your country house or summer cottage with the help of traps and traps, which are usually used with bait for rats, mice. Mole repeller is also suitable for shrews. Mechanical means in the form of tin wheels are placed throughout the entire area, and they work in the presence of wind. The constant noise will inconvenience the shrews, which will cause them to move to a quieter place.

Electric scarers have the same properties as mechanical, but operate on electricity and can be turned on at will. Electronic scarers create low-frequency noise within 400 Hz with a radius of about 20 meters. It does not affect humans and domestic animals, but it is even more unpleasant for a shrew. They will react to such a sound quickly and immediately leave the site, taking with them moles, snakes, mice, etc.

Scare and prevention

Reliable application, in which the fight against shrews will give results, slate or iron sheets will be dug in along the perimeter of the site ... Building material must be dug in to a depth of one and a half meters.

On pegs about a meter high, pPlace plastic bottles 1/3 cut from the neck or cans. The same turntable is only free, which is very pleasing.

These "rattles" in the wind thunder, thereby frightening the shrew. It is better if they are on the site with a permanent place of residence, just in case.

For prevention, plant between rows of carrots or beets garlic and onionsthat give off a pungent odor. Cannabis will help control shrews. It must be laid in freshly dug burrows.

When rotting, it has a specific smell that shrews will not like, they will soon leave the site. The remedy will last for a couple of years. A shrew can only appear in the house by accident, so it makes no sense to catch it. The animal will leave by itself.

In most cases, the destruction of the shrew is inevitable. Dug up, spoiled flower beds, lawns and destroyed crops reduce to a decrease all the benefits that the animal brings. Use poisons as little as necessary. After all, I want to put a lot of work to grow an environmentally friendly product for myself.

Watch the video: Backyard Farmer September 10, 2020 (January 2022).