Good protection for your pet! An overview of flea and tick collars for dogs

The scourge of domestic animals - blood-sucking parasites - from time to time literally and figuratively poison the life of both dogs and their owners.

The danger lies not only in the fact that they live in dog hair, they also carry various diseases. And if there is a small child in the house, the fight against fleas, ticks and other insects becomes a matter of the health of the whole family.

One of the most common ways to protect yourself from adversity is anti-flea collar.

How does a flea collar work?

The action of the collar is based on the use of poison, which is lethal for fleas, with which it is impregnated. The composition of such an impregnation can be different. Its action is based on gradual spread of poison throughout the dog's body.

Put on the animal, the collar heats up and the composition, poisonous for insects, begins to be absorbed into the dog's skin, and then spreads through the sebaceous glands throughout the skin.

Insects that bite the dog die. Now attention! Keyword - "bitten"! But the owner's task is to rid the dog not just of the presence of insects, but of their bites. This means that even with a collar, the dog is in danger, and the threat to her health persists.

It all depends on the choice! The best option would be a collar impregnated with a repellent, that is, it will exude an odor that repels insects.

None of them have an immediate effect. Usually it is delayed for several days (each manufacturer has its own term). This is due to the fact that the poison must enter the animal's body and spread throughout the entire skin.

therefore the collar should be worn at all times, without removing it either at night or while swimming... By the way, bathing, especially during the first time of wearing, should be excluded.

The duration of the active substance on the collar of almost all manufacturers does not exceed 8 months.


Collars produced today by different manufacturers differ in the composition with which they are impregnated, and, accordingly, in their action. There are three types in total:

  • chemical collars... They are impregnated with an insecticide, suitable only for adult healthy dogs due to the high concentration of the toxic substance;
  • biological - less effective, but much safer for the animal. The composition includes only essential oils and plant extracts. Due to their gentle action, they are suitable for use by puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches and sick or recovering dogs;
  • ultrasonic collars, quite expensive and versatile, they can be worn on a dog of any age and condition. According to dog breeders, despite the high cost, they are less effective.

Advantages and disadvantages

They are, perhaps, equally. It all depends on the owner of the dog. If he is attentive to the animal, then there will be no harm from using the collar. But first things first.


  1. Ease of use... I put a collar on the dog and forgot for the coming months until the effect of the composition ends.
  2. Low price... It is lower than drops against fleas and other insects.
  3. Hygienic safety... The composition penetrates into the skin of the dog and cannot be washed off, the wool does not stain the upholstered furniture and clothes of the owner, as is the case when using sprays or oil drops.
  4. Broad action... The poisonous composition acts on all blood-sucking parasites.


  1. The ability to cause allergies not only in the animals themselves, but also in the people around them. It is undesirable to sleep next to the dog. The poison has volatile compounds that, when released into the air, can cause unwanted reactions in humans.
  2. The fragility of the repellent... It disappears after 1-2 months and the dog is again left with insects that begin to bite it and only then die. The trouble is that the owner does not notice this moment, and therefore does not take any measures.
  3. The action of chemical collars does not pass without leaving a trace for the dog's body... The poison, which at first glance is absolutely safe for the animal, nevertheless penetrates into its body. It can cause long-term consequences in the form of diseases of the internal organs, which the owner then does not associate with the collar.
  4. Inconvenience for owners and danger for young children... Hands should be thoroughly washed after each contact with a dog wearing a collar. A curious toddler can try the collar worn on his beloved dog on a tooth. And it ends badly. The poison is dangerous for a child, it can cause severe reactions, up to convulsions and loss of consciousness.

How to use?

If your pet is infected with fleas, ticks, or other insects, do not rush to put the collar on it right away. The parasites must first be completely eliminated.

When putting on the collar, make sure that it does not fit tightly to the dog's neck. There must be a distance of at least 1.5 cm between them.

During the first days, long walks in the forest should be avoided, especially where there is little sun or contact of the dog with other animals.

Otherwise, all your efforts to remove fleas and ticks will come to naught.

Do not remove the collar, day or night, otherwise it will stop working. Delay bathing, especially in the first week.

Very important! Read carefully and keep the instructions for use until the end of the dog wearing the collar! This will help avoid unpleasant consequences and danger for the dog itself and others.

In it, the manufacturer indicates the composition of the product with which the collar is impregnated. In case it gets into the child's body or the dog itself (if it gets there and chews on the collar), an antidote is indicated there, which should be used by doctors and veterinarians.

The instructions also tell you which dogs the collar can be used for. Each drug has contraindications. Be sure to read this section!

How to choose?

Their choice is quite large, but it is better to give preference to well-known firms. And remember - "good is not cheap"! Too low a price can betray an unsafe fake. Veterinarians recommend products from Russian and European manufacturers. So, the main criteria:

  • manufacturer - give preference to familiar brands;
  • reviews - take the time and ask your friends, pet shop sellers or on the Internet;
  • collar size and for whom it is intended - adults, puppies, weakened animals;
  • price - do not save on the health of your pet.

The most famous and popular brands:

Foresto... This collar is recommended by veterinarians as a means of maximum protection of the dog from blood-sucking parasites, including ticks. The line-up includes repellent... Its advantage is water resistance, it is suitable for dogs leading an active lifestyle in nature. Valid for 8 months.

It affects not only adult insects, but also on the larvae... Price from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand rubles.

Beafar... The peculiarity of the active substance on the collar is that it begins to kill insects even before the bite. The duration of the collar against fleas and lice is 5 months, against ticks - 2.5 months of constant wearing.

Put on the dog after 10 days of antiparasitic shampooing. Contraindicated in puppies under 6 months, pregnant, lactating bitches and weakened or sick animals... The cost from 300 to 500 rubles.

A Few Tips

  • After putting on a collar on your dog, try not to lose sight of him for several hours. At this time, an allergic reaction may appear - the dog may itch, worry, he may develop a rash.
  • It is not recommended to use the collar all the time. Use only if there is a risk of infection.
  • Do not use other dog flea remedies in parallel.
  • After carrying out the antiparasitic treatment of the dog, do not forget about its bedding. It should also be processed.

When caring for your pet, remember that his health is the health and safety of your family.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video review of the Foresto collar against fleas and ticks for dogs:

Watch the video: Effective Dog Tick and Flea Treatment u0026 Prevention (January 2022).