Works of the month garden October

Works of the month garden October

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During the month of October, there is a lot of work to be done in the garden, to ensure that it is kept at its best and the plants can grow luxuriantly.
To have good results, it is good to know what are the works of the October garden month.
If we want to plant new essences in many cases, in relation to the type of plant chosen, this is the most suitable month, even in the orchard, so as to obtain an abundant flowering already starting from the following spring.
It is good to remove the broken branches, prepare the soil, cover the plants that do not resist the winter temperatures and instead fertilize the varieties that produce winter blooms.

The works of the October garden month also include those of sowing and multiplication of different varieties.Sowing in the open ground: marigold, helichrysum, cornflower, gypsophila, pamper, poppy, sweet pea, larkspur. We can also try to sow camellias, which in these days ripen their big fruits; we keep the containers outdoors, but sheltered from the wind. We also prepare spring flowering flowerbeds, if planted now they will already give us a beautiful flowering starting next year.October is also a month of cuttings; we prepare cuttings of roses, using old wood, bougainvillea, camellia, lantana and hydrangea; we prepare several containers, to be filled with a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts, then let us place the cuttings, buried a few cm, after having immersed them in the rooting hormone; in regions with very cold winters it is advisable to keep the containers with cuttings in a sheltered place, so that the soil does not freeze, in the other regions we can also leave them outdoors, but away from the sun and wind.If we wish we can take advantage of these weeks to divide the perennial flowering plants, obtaining new specimens, which we can decide to cultivate in a container, or to immediately plant.In October it is good to evaluate the possibility of re-seeding the lawn, to fill in any gaps or to thicken it; the cool climate and the autumn rains will help us to get the seeds to germinate as best as possible, the lawns already in need of fertilization, with organic fertilizer or with slow release granular fertilizer. The first leaves begin to fall, we can collect them and keep them for winter protective mulches.We prune the shrubs that have finished flowering and also the fruit plants, avoiding too drastic pruning.Works of the month of garden October: The greenhouses

Some of our garden plants fear the cold, especially if we live in places with very cold winters; we prepare shelters so that the winter is not a danger for their survival; some plants, such as those from the terrace, do not need large protections, as long as we bring them closer to a shelter, for example to a wall of the house, and that we cover them with tnt, so that they are not swept by cold winter winds. Those who have already had experience with cold or temperate greenhouses know that one must always pay attention to some problems:
- insects and diseases; the too dry or too humid climate of the greenhouses often favors the onset of fungal diseases or the development of insects, let's remember to ventilate the greenhouse often, to increase air exchange. Let us also remember to constantly monitor the development of pests, in a small and closed environment the development is sudden.
- temperatures; daily insolation can cause abnormal temperatures in the greenhouse, even in the coldest months of the year; planning a shelter for our plants let's remember to prepare at least one window, so as to be able to aerate often, especially during sunny days: sometimes even in January the temperature inside a small greenhouse can reach 30 ° C, causing several damage to plants in vegetative rest that we are watering sparingly.


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