Hydrangea Macrophylla

Hydrangea Macrophylla

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Height: rarely exceeds 150 centimeters
Leaf: elliptical, wrinkled, marginally serrated edge
Flowering: from June, continuous and abundant until the first cold
Inflorescence: lacecap, blue-violet and fertile white sterile flowers, composed of
four or five smooth-sided sepals
Hydrangea macrophylla with thick foliage and a beautiful intense green, re-flowering and vigorous. Remarkable is the contrast between the bright blue of the fertile flowers and the pure white of the sterile, which, scattered around, give the plant an uncommon elegance.

Merveille Sanguine

Height: from 150 to 200 centimeters
Leaf: dark green, rough, serrated edge
Flowering: June-July
Inflorescence: globose, blood red, small size.
Very unusual bush. The sterile flowers are cream-colored with a purple border at the beginning, to then be dyed completely with a blood-red load. The sepals have an entire margin and are velvety with extremely dark foliage. Synonymous with 'Brunette' and very similar to 'Foliis Purpurea', it is optimally reproducible by cuttings.


Height: reaches 180 cm
Leaf: bright green, lanceolate, serrated edge
Flowering: June-July
Inflorescence: globose, small size, pink-lilac or pale blue, whole and not overlapping sepals.
The inflorescence, whose color varies according to the ph of the ground, can appear at times disordered and stained: this is due to the fact that the immature or mature flowers are distributed on the same corymbs at the same time, but the result, more than a defect, it is a note added to sympathy. The peduncles are reddish, the main feature is the dark brown or black color of the stems, which makes identification quick and safe. Imported from China as H. m. var. mandshurica.


Height: around 250 centimeters
Leaf: intense green, rounded, wavy, tight margin
Flowering: June-September
Inflorescence: globose, sterile flowers pure white with four wide and toothed sepals
Hydrangea macrophylla compact and re-flowering. The wide, pure white sepals, deeply dentate and separated at the base, are sometimes tinged with green, and are pattered with pink as the season progresses. The flowering is abundant but very sensitive to rain: this hydrangea is therefore not recommended in very rainy regions, where it would soon be attacked by rust.

Soeur Thйrse

Height: from 150 to 200 centimeters
Leaf: elliptical, sharp, serrated edge
Flowering: from June until the first cold
Inflorescence: globose, 16-18 centimeters, sterile flowers of three to four colored sepals
pure white with the heavenly heart
Hydrangea with robust vegetation and excellent branching. The lateral jets bloom with difficulty, therefore it is advisable to tear them immediately, thus favoring the fruiting branches. The stems are thin and the inflorescences, of a very pure white, are colored by a faint green water in autumn. Impatient in full sun, a half-shadow position will allow her to show herself in all her splendor. Beautiful plant of incomparable lightness and freshness.

Tricolor (Variegata)

Height: reaches about 200 centimeters
Leaf: elliptical, sharp, serrated edge
Flowering: July-August
Inflorescence: lacecap, 18-20 cm wide
Hydrangea native to Thailand with abundant flowering, sometimes mistakenly called 'Quadricolor'. Remarkable is the contrast between the intense lilac of the fertile flowers and the soft pink of the sterile, composed of four non-overlapping sepals. The characteristic of the plant is the superb foliage: green, variegated silver and creamy white on the edges. Vistosa, it is very suitable as a solitary plant.


Height: about 120 centimeters
Leaf: oval, dark green, serrated edge.
Flowering: June - September
Inflorescence: lacecap, numerous fertile flowers, sterile flowers rather far apart
Discovered thirty years ago in the izu-No-Hana peninsula of Izu, in Japan (the translation of the name is precisely "Izu flower"). It is certainly one of the most beautiful and particular Japanese hydrangeas of the macrophylla species. The foliage is dark green, with well-marked, shiny ribs. The inflorescences have fertile central flowers joined together and peripheral sterile flowers, which rarely come into contact with one another. The latter, arranged on a triple or quadruple order of sepals, are carried by long and elegant peduncles. The color of the inflorescence can vary depending on the pH of the soil. In a soil with acid reaction a wonderful violet will be obtained, while in neutral or weakly alkaline soil we will have a more or less intense pink.


Height: 250 centimeters
Leaf: bright green, serrated edge.
Flowering: June - October
Inflorescence: lacecap, about 20 centimeters in diameter
Wonderful bush whose name means "fireworks". Very vigorous and highly developed plant, generous for the quantity and duration of its flowers. The name given to it faithfully represents the shape and beauty of its inflorescences, pure white. The fertile flowers, placed at the center of the lacecap-type inflorescence, of a delicate pale pink. The sterile flowers, carried by long peduncles that in the terminal part closer to the flower are slightly tinged with pink, are white and distributed in several orders of sepals. The shape of the single sepal is elongated and locked at the apex. As the flower matures, it may be tinged with mauve or pink shades. The set is showy and, at the same time, elegant. A bright shadow position is recommended.


Height: about 120 centimeters
Leaf: oval, dark green, serrated edge.
Flowering: June - September
Inflorescence: lacecap with a diameter of about 20 centimeters, numerous fertile central and sterile lateral flowers.
Among the most interesting Japanese cultivars. Compact habit, the branches,
extremely robust, in adulthood they can be dyed a brown color. The leaf, intense dark green, is an element of exceptional contrast with the pink flower. The fertile flowers, numerous and thick, are supported by short peduncles. The sterile flowers, in large quantities, are arranged in several orders of Johgasabi sepals with a rounded shape, and carried by supple peduncles. Their color, pale pink at the edges, tends to intensify towards the center. It prefers shady locations.

Hydrangea Macrophylla: Miharayama -o- Yae

Height: about 200 centimeters
Leaf: ovate, bright green, slightly serrated
Flowering: June - August
Inflorescence: lacecap, diameter 15 - 20 centimeters, fertile central and numerous flowers, sterile flowers arranged in a radial pattern, supported by long peduncles.
Japanese cultivar with an extremely robust appearance.
Excellent growth and strong branching give the plant a healthy and solid appearance. The sterile flowers, rather large, have a slightly pointed apex. Their color is of a wonderful pure white.


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