Works of the month of garden April

Works of the month of garden April

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April is generally a rainy month, and the plants grow luxuriantly even without the help of our watering.For this reason, possible periods of drought, even short ones, are the most dangerous: plants in full vegetative growth need large amounts of water, and dry and particularly sunny days cause the evaporation of most of the water contained in the soil.Therefore, if we have plants that need regular watering, we should watch over them in periods of possible drought, with little or no rain; and if necessary water abundantly.In the hottest areas of the peninsula, where the minimum temperatures already exceed 10 ° C we can begin to bring indoor plants in the garden or on the terrace; where the climate is a little stiffer we begin to prepare the area of ​​the garden that will host our houseplants, or the delicate specimens grown in the greenhouse.If we have a greenhouse or we have protected some delicate plants with non-woven fabric, it is time for work to remove the protections, or open the windows of the greenhouse, especially on sunny days and in the central hours of the day; we wait a little longer to remove all the protections in the cool areas of northern Italy.New plants in the garden

The month of April is ideal for arranging new plants for the garden; not because it is perfect for planting them, but simply because with the arrival of spring nurseries are filled with plants, flowers, seedlings; in addition to this the first spring months are full of appointments with fairs and markets dedicated to gardening.
So let's take the opportunity to look for new plants for our green space; it would be better to avoid buying plants at random, driven by instinct or the desire to bring home a particular plant or one that struck us: let us go to the nursery already with a kind of project in mind, keeping in mind what we need; in indecision let us advise the nurseryman.
We will avoid finding ourselves in the following months with plants that we have no idea of ​​how to cure.
Before planting a new plant, we work the soil well, and enrich it with manure or slow release fertilizer.
We position the plant, we compact the soil close to the stem and water it.
In general, spring is a wet season, but if the rains should be scarce we avoid leaving new plants long with dry soil.

Works of the month garden April: Sowing, transplants and bulbous plants

Spring flower bulbous plants are already in full bloom; we can begin to choose summer flowering bulbs, which will be placed in the garden when the minimum temperatures will be above 8-10 ° C.
Most of the flowering plants prepared from seed have already been sown in recent months; if they are ready we can prepare the flowerbeds to plant them.
We plant directly Cosmee, nasturtiums, alysso, sage.


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