The tulip is one of the most widespread and hybridized bulbs in the world, whose cultivation has been very successful in Europe; it is a real bulb, originating from Turkey.
Tulip bulbs are planted in autumn or late winter, in a sunny position, with a cool, deep and sandy soil, so that their development is not slowed down by an overly compact substrate. They are buried at a depth equal to the diameter of the bulb itself; if we live in an area with very cold winters, and we want to leave the tulips at home, we increase this depth by about 50%. Between the bulbs we leave a space equal to one and a half, or two, the diameter of the bulb.
Tulips do not need further care, except to water them in case of very dry soil during the spring months, when the plant develops. At the end of winter, we spread a slow release granular fertilizer between the bulbs. Tulips in the open ground can remain at home throughout the year, even in winter; if cultivated in pots it is instead advisable to place the pots in a sheltered place, or to eradicate the bulbs, when the foliage has already dried up, and place them in a dry, cool and dark place, until the time to place them again in a vase.