Spring-flowering bulbous plants

Spring-flowering bulbous plants

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Tools and soil

Before starting work it is good to prepare the necessary equipment; to bury the bulbs it is possible to use a normal shovel, but the work will be facilitated by the use of a bulbs plant, a very simple tool to use and also to find on the market. If we intend to bury small bulbs, such as anemones or buttercups, we can use foraterra, which will allow us to make small holes with precision and rapidity. The first operation to be carried out is to work the soil well in the place where we intend to plant our new plants, possibly adding river sand and mature organic fertilizer, in order to offer a rich and soft substrate for a correct and vigorous root development of our bulbs; moreover, a soft soil will also facilitate planting, which in general must be carried out at a depth equal to about twice the diameter of the bulbs. We can then begin to bury our flowers, deciding according to tastes and species if we want to create spots of color by burying many neighboring bulbs or if instead we want to create a natural effect, spreading the bulbs over a large area. In the first case it is good to dig a not very deep hole and place our well-spaced flowers on the bottom, so we can cover them and level the soil; in the second case we can spread the bulbs on the ground to "sow", so we will bury each single flower in the position in which it "fell". At our leisure we will be able to plant single species, species with different colors or even different kinds of mixed bulbous plants.

Spring-flowering bulbous plants: Variety of spring-flowering bulbous plants

The general indications seen so far are good for many different species of bulbs, but by entering more specifically, you can learn about the main spring-flowering varieties and discover their names and all their characteristics.
Freesia, ornamental garlic, amaryllis, crocus and bland anemone are just some of the bulbous plants that bloom in spring.
If you have been good and you have put these plants in the autumn, they will be almost ready to give you some fantastic flowers. Don't rush and let the bulbous flowers emerge from the ground. As soon as the temperatures start to rise you will see the stems and soon after the flowers bloom and enrich your garden with their color.


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