Apartment plants


Question: What plant is this?

Dear Eperto, I apologize for the inconvenience, they gave me a plant, but I don't know what plant it is; send a photo, can you help me?

Sansevieria-cylindrica: Answer: the Sansevieria

Dear Guido,
the plant you received as a gift, and of which you sent us a photograph, is a sansevieria cylindrica, a plant closely related to agaves.
In Italy these plants are grown in the apartment, as they are very resistant to drought and to the hot and dry climate present in the apartment.
It is a succulent widespread in nature in Kenya and in the surrounding areas of Africa; therefore likes minimum temperatures above 9-12 ° C; it is cultivated in a good soil for succulents, very well drained and porous, where stagnant water does not form for any reason.
The sansevierie have a rhizomatous root (a kind of bulb), fleshy and thick, which generally does not need much space to expand; in particular this species has quite slow growth, and therefore the repottings do not necessarily have to be frequent; you can repot your plant only every three years, without the need to replace the container, it will be sufficient to change all the soil with fresh substrate, consisting of universal soil mixed with an incoherent element, such as sand or lapillus, to allow water watering to flow rapidly.
The Sanseveries like to be positioned in bright places, even in direct sunlight, but they adapt to various luminosities, even in the shade.
Watering is provided only when the soil has been dry for a few days, avoiding exceeding the amount of water supplied; therefore in January you will water your plant even one month only; while in August, especially if you place your Sansevieria on the terrace, you will have to water it every 2-3 days.
During the winter, keep it indoors, away from direct heat sources, radiators, stoves, fireplaces, but also from split air conditioners.